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The Real Reason Behind Our Motto

Small actions, big impacts.

You've probably seen this on our website, social media or blog posts and wondered why we chose that statement. Well, we chose it based on the whole reason STOP was created. Emi and I wanted a chance for everyone to help make a difference in this world.

STOP was just an idea a couple months ago, when we wanted a place where our peers, younger kids, and even adults could come and are able to make a difference in thier community. It's so easy to feel alone in this world, when all these huge worldly injustices can overwhelm you so fast!

That's why if we all work together, a huge difference is created in this world. For example, if we each pick up 100 pieces of trash, and 10 people work together, we can pick up 1,000 pieces of trash.

Every month, we'll have 3-4 opportunities for everyone to make a difference. In the end, small little things like picking up trash, starting a can drive, or holding a rally can make the biggest impact in your community.

Facing the world can be tough on your own. So if we all do our part, GOOD will win, and EVIL's going DOWN!

Check out our activities page for ways you can take part in helping the community!

Small actions, big impacts!

John 15:12

By: Sophia Inglin

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